Along with a Muiscal Petting Zoo

Children's Beethoven's Birthday Party

Saturday, December 16th @10 AM

Toddler Time

Every Tuesday @ 10 AM

Hosted by Friends of Libraries and Literacy


Saturday December 16th @ 9AM

Community Shakespeare Reading Group

Every Tuesday at 1:00 pm

Lets Learn Spanish!

Every Thursday at 3:30 P.M

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Featured Events

Christmas Bogo Book Sale

Christmas Bogo Book Sale»

Saturday, December 16th @ 9AM

Santa's favorite elves, the Friends of Libraries and Literacy, invite you to their Christmas BOGO Book Sale. This is a perfect opportunity to complete your Christmas shopping for your literary loved ones. A huge selection of gently used books!

Children’s Beethoven’s Birthday Party

Children’s Beethoven’s Birthday Party»

Saturday, December 16th @ 10 AM

Children's Beethoven's Birthday Party featuring a Musical Instrument Petting Zoo and a performance of "Peter and the Wolf," a fairy tale designed to help children understand how the different instruments of the orchestra function.

INTRO TO AQUAPONICS | A Sandoval County Master Gardeners Master Class

INTRO TO AQUAPONICS | A Sandoval County Master Gardeners Master Class»

Saturday, January 13th, @10 AM

In the presentation "An Introduction to Aquaponics" Dr. Sallenave will provide an overview of aquaponics, discuss different system designs, important water quality parameters, general information about plants and fish, food safety, and more.

Featured Programs

Toddler Time

Toddler Time»

Every Tuesday starting at 10:00 A.M

Come join us for readings of select children's books and fun crafts after, every Tuesday @ 10:00 AM!

Shakespeare Reading Group

Shakespeare Reading Group»

Every Tuesday at 1 pm

Join us in slow-reading Shakespeare's plays out loud and in community. We advance only after each and every verse is understood by everyone in the group. The experience of mastering a play is magical and unforgettable.

Let’s Learn Spanish!

Let’s Learn Spanish!»

Every Thursday starting 3:30 P.M

Are you interested in a beginner's Spanish class in a relaxed atmosphere? Join us today! No registration required.

Library Will Be Closed

The Martha Liebert Public Library will be closed December 25th and will re-open for regular business hours Tuesday, the 26th.

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